Chronic Pain


How do we improve the at-home care experience?

Industry   |   Healthcare
Location   |   London, UK, 2021

Chronic body pain sufferers are trapped in a cycle of physical pain, mental ill-health, and poor sleep. Many point solutions exist, but no one solves for the in between, and it’s difficult to find solutions not reliant on drugs…

Project Scope
The Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) wanted to launch a solution for chronic pain sufferers that democratised access…

build it with a partner


Role + Process
I lead the work stream to assess partners…speaking to and assessing players across the chronic pain, mental wellness, and sleep markets.

I also supported the proposition design and customer journey.


(Opportunity Areas)

Venn Diagram with Opp Areas. Something about choosing mental fitness as an opportunity area.


Insights & Segments

Spoke to CBP sufferers, got feedback on initial features. Also understood how people’s relationship with pain varies.


Workshops, synthesis

Miro screenshots from various workshops. 


Key Scenarios & Interactions

To test the value of our concept with users, we created UI screens for scenarios in which patients and providers might use Care@Home. We met with another round of doctors, patients, and physical therapists to get their real-time feedback while interacting with the screens.


Integrated Offering

We ultimately created a integrated proposition, differentiated in a market full of point solutions. This strengthened Deloitte’s healthcare offering and a solution which Deloitte and Apple can use to partner with hospitals and healthcare organizations, in order to build the future of recovery.