I’ve grown up in the world of human-centred design, starting out as a visual design student who got lucky with an eye-opening internship. There, I cut my teeth and became an advocate for design as a mindset, as well as a skill set.

I’m curious about what makes people tick and passionate about designing experiences and services informed by the needs of users—you know, humans like you and me. I enjoy fast-paced environments and learning by doing. Empathy and diverse perspectives are at the heart of great design, so I have a soft spot for mentoring and building multidisciplinary teams.

What can I do? Like, specifically?


Layouts, branding, UI, illustrations


Planning, exploratory, observational, prototyping


Activities, production, facilitation


Frameworks, infographics, blueprints, data visualization


Customer & societal trends, competitive landscape

Want more details?

Who am I outside of work?


I spend most of my time rock climbing, hiking, skiing, taking photos—and any combination of the above. I’ll never say no to an outdoor adventure. In 2019, I took a career break to explore and climb across the western U.S., living in a converted Ford Transit. 

I love discussing films, TV, video games, board games, and all forms of narrative media. I also like cooking and eating new foods. I’m easily persuaded by novelty and often find myself in new places or trying new things with varying degrees of success, much to the amusement of those around me.